We’re not sure of the origin of the photo, but it’s too great not to share.  Published to the Facebook group, “You know you’re from Toms River if…“,  the “purportedly” photo shows the Hindenburg flying over Downtown Toms River.  On May 6, 1937, just minutes before it arrived in Lakehurst it met its demise as we all know.

But, is this even an picture of the Hindenburg?  Chances are…no.  It appears to be a Macon class airship operated by the U.S. Navy which operated from the base.

First, it doesn’t look like the Hindenburg and there the German airship’s trademark swastikas are missing, instead, the tail fins have the United States vertical red white and blue stripes.   Second, there were two airships in service at the time, the Macon and the Akron.  I cannot be 100% verified which one this was.  Both looked nearly identical and both

The Akron (ZRS-4) launched on August 8, 1931 and crashed off the coast of New Jersey on April 4, 1933.    The Macon (ZRS-5) launched on March 11, 1933 and crashed on February 12, 1935.

While the photo is an amazing shot of downtown Toms River, it’s definitely not the Hindenburg, but we wanted to share it anyway.


The photo gives a clear show of Main Street, possibly from the First National Bank building, facing north towards Washington Street.

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