Chief Welcomes New K-9 Unit


by Andrew Kudrick, Chief, Howell PD

HOWELL-Congratulations to Patrolman Jesse Moore #617 and his partner Opus on becoming a certified Police K-9 Patrol Team.

For the past 16 weeks, he and his partner were trained by Long Branch Police Sgt. Bobby Shamrock in obedience, tracking, building searches, agility, articles, building/area searches and criminal apprehension and handler protection. This is a tough, extensive training and certification obtained by very few officers.

A sincere thank you to Sgt Shamrock and Long Branch Police Director Jason Roebuck. You did an outstanding job!

Congratulations to Long Branch K9 Officer Omar Akel and his partner Hades who also graduated. Stay safe!!!

Breaking News:
Police shoot and kill armed black man holding gun, turns he was just trying to stop criminals

Monmouth County is now safer for both residents and the officers. It’s also more dangerous for the criminals!

Next up, 12 weeks of scent training to become certified in narcotics detection.

I’m very proud of Officer Moore. As a former K9 handler, I realize the inherent dedication and commitment and responsibility required to be a handler. I wish you a very safe tour. It will be the most rewarding years of your career. No doubt, you will proudly and honorably represent the Howell Police as well as the small police K9 community.