Watch out NJ! Phil Murphy is coming for you guns…

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…and he’s armed with misleading data.

Phil Murphy, a Democratic candidate for Governor of New Jersey is coming after guns in the Garden State.    Murphy, leaning heavily on the national media narrative that guns kill people is pushing an anti-gun platform in his campaign for Governor.

“The gun violence epidemic continues to plague our state and our nation. Tragically, guns remain a leading cause of death in our country,” Murphy’s campaign website says.

Gun violence is a public health crisis and Governor Chris Christie is part of the epidemic for vetoing over-the-top gun legislation.

“The gun violence epidemic is nothing short of a public health crisis. And yet, Governor Christie continues to stand in the way of sensible reforms. He has vetoed bills that had universal support from New Jerseyans,” Murphy said.  “These bipartisan measures would have kept guns out of the hands of gang members and individuals convicted of making terroristic threats, restricted the size of gun magazines, and prohibited the sale of a powerful .50-caliber rifle — a ban Governor Christie himself proposed in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy.”

Avoiding the whole Chicago thing, Murphy cites 5 liberal strongholds with strict gun laws.

“The evidence is clear: the five states with the lowest rates of gun violence — Hawaii, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut — all have among the strictest gun safety regulations in the nation,” his campaign site reads. “Conversely, the states with the highest rates of gun violence all have weak gun safety regulations.”

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In reality, New Jersey has a lower per capita murder rate and a lower gun ownership rate than New York.    People in New York kill each other more than New Jersey, perhaps after all, it’s not the guns.

Murphy represents everything America rejected in November of 2016 and should also be rejected by New Jersey residents in 2017.

When he points to Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut having lower gun violence, it’s nothing more than another liberal slight of hand.

New Jersey had 2.7 gun murder per 100,000 residents.  Massachusetts had 1.8, Rhode Island 1.5, but Connecticut had the same 2.7 rate as New Jersey.  That is 1 person per 100,000 residents.  Not exactly the epidemic this liberal gun control pusher claimed.

Photo: Phil Murphy with his friend, President Barack Obama where he was appointed as U.S. Ambassador to Germany by the outgoing commander-in-chief.  Photo by Phil Murphy for Governor.