Foster Rescue Saves Pregnant Dog From Kill Shelter; Broadcasts Birth Live on Facebook

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When It’s a Ruff Life Rescue, a dog fostering network in New Jersey which has many canine foster homes in Ocean County found out about Little Miss Sunshine waiting on death row at a North Carolina kill shelter, the group sprung into action.

Little did they know just last week, that the dog they rescued was pregnant.  They also didn’t know until she was taken in for x-rays that she had been used as target practice in North Carolina. Doctors found several bb’s lodged under her skin.

After asking for donations, the community responded and food, toys, training pads and other items started pouring in.  There were also supplies for the babies.

Within a few days, a foster home was found for Little Miss Sunshine.   Then, she gave birth to her puppies which was broadcast live on Facebook.  Over 50,000 people watched the birth live.

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Now named Abigail, she birthed 8 puppies, one did not make it.  She gave birth to 6 boys and 2 girls.

If you would like to get involved and help, visit It’s A Ruff Life’s Facebook page.






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