Can Kim Guadagno win over New Jersey Trump Supporters?

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Kim Guadagno is about to launch her campaign to be the next governor of New Jersey, hoping to succeed her boss, Chris Christie, but can she win over die-hard Trump fans in sections of the state where President-elect won major victories, such as red-county, Ocean County?

She will need those supporters in June, but hosting a campaign launch at the business of a notable Trump critic probably isn’t the way to begin winning over the hearts and minds of a base that may have already abandoned her.

SaveJersey reports:

Host for Guadagno’s campaign launch is a noted Trump critic

Kim Guadagno (R-Monmouth) made no apology for saying “no” to Donald Trump back during the 2016 general election. She told NJ Advance Media back in October that she ” can’t support Hillary Clinton, and I won’t vote for Donald Trump.” The Republican Lieutenant Governor has a kindred spirit in her supporter Leo Cervantes, the owner of…