Watch: Regina Discenza Calls it Quits; Blames Everyone Else


Letter to the Editor

Lacey school board member Regina Discenza, to pretty much everyone’s enjoyment and pleasure announced she’s done taking up space on the Lacey School Board and will not run for reelection when her term expires after 9 or 10 or 11 or whatever failed campaigns.

Now that the public has seen her antics, she knows she would never win another election anyway.

She’s been worthless on the board since she got on it and has been nothing but a political nuisance in a position that is non-partisan and non-political.

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And yes, Ms. Dicsenza, as a school board member you are not welcome to any other perks or benefits that any non-elected citizen has.

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Regina Discenza feels she has special powers as a school board member that ordinary residents don’t have.

Not the case.

She must have missed that class.


The township and the children will be better without her.

Her response was beautifully highlighted by her fellow board members who completely ignored her entire speech, but remember…it’s “for the children”!

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A happy Lacey parent with children in the district.


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