That Time General Mattis Didn't Knifehand President Trump

WASHINGTON, DC-President Donald Trump committed one of the biggest gaffes of his young Presidency on Friday when he called retired Marine Corps General James Mattis a “tremendous soldier”.

While tens of thousands of liberals and the liberal news media react explosively to nearly every action of President Trump, they missed what was perhaps the only incident worthy of such a reaction.

Until that moment, Donald Trump’s presidency had been a flawless representation of what America desired.

The heinous act of disrespect by the President did not seem to go unnoticed by Mattis who made a quick command decision to keep his knife-hand firmly locked behind his back.

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The declaration sent chills down the spine of thousands of Marines  in the United States who immediately took to Twitter and Facebook to express their outrage over the Commander-in-Chief.

Of course, he shouldn’t take the attacks personally, we’re the same people who can argue for years at a time about how to roll sleeves or which MARPAT uniform should be worn at different times of the year.   But it hurts to see our hero disgraced in such a manner.

Vice President Mike Pence appeared to catch the outrageous misstep as he snapped his head in Trump’s direction after the comment was made.

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Mike Pence knows.  His son Michael J. Pence is an officer in the United States Marine Corps.

It’s ok, Marines are used to civilians making that mistake.  Whether or not Pence or Mattis later corrected the President remains unknown.  Perhaps we can get Mike Pence’s team to acknowledge.


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Related News:  Gas station fire sparks massive explosion