Five Times Chuck Schumer Didn't Shed a Tear


New York Senator Chuck Schumer woo’d his liberal audience when she, we mean, he shed some crocodile tears over Donald Trump’s enhanced immigration vetting executive order.

Even though Schumer called the order mean spirited and un-American, he considered a halt on immigration in 2015 to block Syrian refugees.

Back then he supported a pause in immigration from the country during the height of its civil war.

Here are 5 times Chuck Schumer didn’t shed a tear.

An assault against America’s police officers swept America in 2016.  64 were shot dead nationwide.  Neither Schumer nor President Barack Obama shed tears.

14 U.S. service members died in America’s fight against terror.  Schumer never took to Twitter to shed a tear.

In November of 2016, America learned that Obamacare premiums were skyrocketing in many states and plan choices were decreasing.  Many Americans struggle daily to keep their Obamacare, many can’t afford the premiums and are have lost their beloved plans and physicians.  No tears were shed.

When a gunman shot and killed 46 people in an Orlando, Schumer didn’t shed tears publicly, but he did introduce more gun legislation to hinder law abiding American’s ability to defend themselves from future attacks.

When it was learned Planned Parenthood was found to be selling body parts and tissue of aborted fetuses, Schumer didn’t cry in front of any cameras.

In 2012 when the American Embassy in Libya was attacked by Islamic terrorists and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed it on a YouTube video. Schumer didn’t cry as the body of an American ambassador was dragged through the streets.

So why does Schumer cry when President Donald Trump imposes an executive order aimed at preventing such terrorists from entering the United States?

I think we all know the answer.

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