Free Speech, Pro-Immigrant Pro-Gay, Protesters Disrupt Speech by Gay Immigrant with Violence; Setting Fires



BERKELEY,CA-It appears the leftist rioters and protesters fighting for the rights of immigrants and homosexuals lose interest when that homosexual immigrant doesn’t agree with them.  They also believe in free speech, unless that free speech doesn’t sound like their own free speech.

Hundreds of students and protesters protesting a speaking engagement on campus by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos resorted to violence and even burning down their own campus to ensure the event did not go on.

In the 1960’s, UC Berkeley was the hub of the free speech movement in America.  Today, it became ground zero for the new leftist anti-free speech movement sweeping America.

It’s a lesson most likely not taught at the university these days, but the protests of the 1960’s were a component that allowed former President Ronald Reagan to win the 1966 election for Governor in California on a platform that included a message to ” “clean up the mess in Berkeley”.

Today, the protests are emboldening the populist conservative movement in America, backed by support from the President of the United States who threatened to defund the university.

US Berkeley staff issued the following statement:

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the violence and unlawful behavior that was on display and deeply regret that those tactics will now overshadow the efforts to engage in legitimate and lawful protest against the performer’s presence and perspectives.

In the statement, the university clamored for free speech, but admitted it has taken a side in the free speech debate.

“While Yiannopoulos’ views, tactics and rhetoric are profoundly contrary to our own, we are bound by the Constitution, the law, our values and the campus’s Principles of Community to enable free expression across the full spectrum of opinion and perspective,” the University said, admitting the university prefers the leftist, liberal drones who continue to deface, damage and burn America over an intelligent gay immigrant who eloquently expresses his opinions in speeches and without violence.

That’s your tuition dollars at work, parents of students at UC Berkeley.

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