Video: Navy Unit Flying Trump Flag in Support of Commander in Chief

When I was a young Marine in Twentynine Palms, a directive went out after some Marines were walking out of the base theater before movies, telling them not to.

That was the time when movies on base were preceded by a message from then Commander-In-Chief William Jefferson Clinton.  There was no love for Clinton’s decimation of the United States military and Marines protested the deep cuts the only way they could, by walking out or turning their backs when Clinton spoke before the movie.

We were told to respect the Commander-In-Chief’s position even if you didn’t respect the man and we should remain at attention until his speech was over.

Fast-forward to 2017 and our troops finally have a Commander-In-Chief they can be proud of.  So proud, they, admittedly out of regulation, flew a Trump flag on their convoy in Kentucky.

Some people were upset over this, particularly the liberal media outlets like Gannett who seized the opportunity to equate this action with a fascist banana republic.

Instead, America should be celebrating the boost to morale our military can now experience.  They’ve been in a constant state of war for more than 15 years and haven’t felt that great about how the last Commander-In-Chief treated them for 8 of those years.

While, yes, it’s not right, give these guys a break.  They put their lives on the line for you every day, but those of us who enjoy their warm, comfy blanket (or in my case, poncho liner) of freedom will find anything to complain about it seems.  Your crocodile tears will probably get some hard-charging, motivated young sailor in a position that could impact his career while you sit there and bathe in the freedoms and comforts his comrades have fought and died for.

While their peers at Berkeley UC wear bandanas, burn down the campus, incite violence and protest America, these young men and women have sacrificed at least four years, if not more of their lives so those animals across college campuses can spend four more years on their parent’s dime getting an education in social welfare.

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