Conway Uses Nuclear Option on Chelsea Clinton in Twitter Fight


When it comes to the battle of the White House’s second ladies, Kellyanne Conway delivered a head severing blow to former first brat, Chelsea Clinton.

Chelsea took no time to take advantage of what could have been potential mass killing in France to take a swipe at Donald Trump’s right hand lady, Conway.

The younger Clinton challenged the Trump advisor after a misquote about the 2009 FBI operation that uncovered two Iraqi bomb making terrorists in Bowling Green, Kentucky, however there were no incidents and Conway later apologized for her misquote.  A massacre was averted thanks to investigators.

Conway fired back at the daughter of 2016’s presidential election loser, Hillary Clinton reminding her that it was mom who was the author of the most fictitious battle account in recent American history.

She pulled no punches, delivering a 1-2 knockout to the reported beneficiary of the Clinton Foundation.   She also got personal, reminding Chelsea of her mother’s defeat in a real battle, the 2016 campaign.

It was 2008.  As the story went, Hillary Clinton told reporters she came under sniper fire while visiting Bosnia in 1996.  Clinton detailed how she and her team had to run from the plane while taking fire from the enemy in the surrounding hillside.

“I remember landing under sniper fire, there was no greeting ceremony and we were told get to our vehicles,” Clinton detailed in her after action battlefield report.  “Now, that is what happened.”

Not so.  CBS news debunked Clinton’s claim. Clinton’s campaign team then doubled down her imaginary battle account.

“She meant that there was fire in the hillside around the area when we landed, which was the case,” according to campaign aide Lissa Muscatine.

Chelsea Clinton should remember that battle well, she was there. She also never corrected the false battle report given by her mother.

The similarity between the two accounts is that neither happened.  The only difference between the Bowling Green Massacre and the grueling Battle of Bosnia in 1996 was that Conway apologize and made right on her statement.  Hillary Clinton will probably take her war story to the grave with her despite plenty of news coverage and media debunking that proves it never happened that way.


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