NJSPBA: Criminal Mocked Bail Reform "If they let me out again, I will do more crime."

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SOUTH BRUNSWICK-Last night, Governor Chris Christie touted New Jersey’s bail reform as a success, at least one repeat criminal agrees with him.

On Saturday, 47 year old George Pescavage, Jr. robbed a South Brunswick liquor store and was found bleeding and frozen in a snow pile.

Patrol units responded to a reported attempted burglary at the Quick Aid Pharmacy located at 569 Milltown Road. Upon their arrival, officers observed visible signs of an attempted forced entry burglary to the rear door. During a subsequent cursory search of the area, Officers located a male subject matching the description given by witnesses loitering across the street in the Brunswick Shopping Center. The Officers made contact with the subject, identified him, and investigated further.

After being caught for a second crime in two days, he indicated to detectives that even he couldn’t believe that he was plainly released after just four hours.

“Even I was surprised how fast I got out, if they let me out again I will do more crime,” the man said, according to the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association.

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Pescavage was released “with a pinky promise” to the New Jersey courts and the next day he was arrested trying to break into the local Quick Aid Pharmacy.

Police said he was again transported to Middlesex County Corrections, indicating that if he is again released so soon, he will again commit a similar crime in order to get by.