North Jersey Police Powerless in Stopping Man Who Got Out of Jail Three Times in One Week Under Bail Reform

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HOPATCONG-A man posing as a DPW worker to commit burglaries is on the streets again in North Jersey, thanks to the state’s new public safety assessment and bail reform laws.

Police here say they are powerless to keep a dangerous repeat criminal in jail and off the streets.

“Major is accused of committing multiple burglaries in multiple jurisdictions over the last month or so. (See the towns that we know of above). Major would put on a tri color safety vest and pose to be a DPW worker. He would knock on doors and if no one answered he would break in and steal what he could,” according to the Hopatcong Police Department.

Police said their only method of protecting the communities from future robberies is to post his picture to alert potential victims.

Related: Last night on NJ101.5 radio, Governor Chris Christie touted the success of New Jersey’s bail reform and criticized opponents of the flailing legislation as “crap” and “propaganda”.

“There is nothing the Police can do about this because of the new bail reform law. In our efforts to keep the public safe we can only attach Major’s picture to this press release. If you see him on your property or a neighbor’s, please call 911,” the department said.

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Police say Major drives a 1990’s green Dodge Pickup with a black ladder rack.

On Friday, with the help of the Hopatcong detectives, Byram Township Detectives, Sparta Township Detectives and the Sussex County Prosecutors Office, Major was investigated and arrested in Elmwood Park.

With the assistance of the Elmwood park police, drug paraphernalia, and proceeds from many burglaries were recovered.

After being released from the Elmwood Park burglaries, he was charged for two burglaries in Hopatcong.

“Because of the Elmwood Park charges, we were able to get a high enough score on the new PSA (Public Safety Assessment) to have him lodged in the Sussex County Jail on Saturday morning,” Hopatcong Police Department said. “Major was released a few hours later after a court hearing on Sunday.”

After being released Sunday, Major was arrested in Morris Township for committing another burglary. He was charged and later released. At this time Major is not incarcerated.

Police in all of the towns where Major was released by judges based on PSA are powerless in stopping him.

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Major’s actions were highlighted today on a bail reform watchdog page, which bore the brunt of Governor Christie’s anger last night.