Ocean County Alt-Left Plans to Disrupt Congressman's Speaking Engagement at Ocean County College


TOMS RIVER-In light of many Republican congressmen canceling speaking engagements due to alt-left disruption, including town halls and speaking engagements, one is ready to brave the elements of the new political atmosphere in America.

It’s an atmosphere of blind rage and hostility towards anyone or anything that is remotely Republican.

On March 31st, Ocean County College’s Governmental Affairs Institute will present a seminar entitled ‘Government & Politics: What You Need to Know with Congressman Tom MacArthur’.

The even will be hosted on campus in the Gateway Building Lecture Hall. Congressman MacArthur will speak about the recent presidential election and his perspectives on the new Trump administration and the new Congress.

The alt-left in Ocean County is already planning to disrupt the event with political protest.

“Congressman Tom MacArthur will be speaking at Ocean County College, March 31st at 11 am. The event is open to the public,” the Ocean County Democrat Club posted on their Facebook page.  “Please attend and let him know we are here! More details to follow.”


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