New Jersey Democrat Governor Candidate: Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler


TOMS RIVER-Like many disappointed liberals in New Jersey, Phil Murphy, a Democrat running for Governor is suffering from post-election stress syndrome in the wake of Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory against Hillary Clinton in November.

In a shocking video at a campaign event, front-running Democrat candidate Murphy attempted to invoke fear by comparing President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

“I have lived in Germany twice – once as a private citizen and once as the United States ambassador, and I’m a modest student of Germany history,” Murphy said. “And I know what was being said about somebody else in the 1920s. And you could unfortunately drop in names from today into those observations from the 1920’s, and the moves that have been made early on only aide and abet that argument.”

On Tuesday, at a Republican governor’s candidate forum in Ocean County, home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish population centers in the world outside of Israel, Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore expressed disappointment with the words Murphy chose to describe President Trump.   Murphy invoked both Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust to make his political statement against Trump.

“Mr. Murphy set the tone for the 2017 gubernatorial campaign,” Gilmore said. “It’s unfortunate that he chose those words to compare our President to a man who killed 6 million innocent Jewish people during the Holocaust and millions more.”

Murphy made the statement to rally his alt-left liberal supporters in the blue state of New Jersey.  Gilmore said it was a sign that Democrats in New Jersey are scared and out of touch.

“People say that a Republican can’t win New Jersey in 2017,” Gilmore added. “Those are the exact same people who also said Trump couldn’t win the Presidency in 2016.”

“Ocean County brought  Donald Trump the largest victory in New Jersey and we carried Chris Christie twice,” said Republican candidate Joe Rullo. “Communist Phil Murphy calling our president Adolf Hitler is one of the worst things on earth.”

“Murphy made his first Hillary Clinton mistake,” Rullo said.  “Trust me, if Phil Murphy is elected, you will absolutely miss Chris Christie.”

Rullo sharply criticized Murphy for running a campaign that is promising tax increases across the board in the top taxed state in the United States.

“Murphy already spent $20 million in campaign money and nobody is even talking about him,” Rullo added.

Another Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli also took a swipe at Murphy’s alt-left focused liberal agenda and open support for sanctuary cities in New Jersey.  Murphy has stated on numerous occasions he would staunchly defend sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants in New Jersey, a stance many residents outside of the inner cities oppose.

“When Trump cuts funding to New Jersey’s sanctuaries, who will [Phil Murphy] get to foot that bill?” Ciattarelli asked.   “Not New Jersey, if I’m Governor.”

“Phil Murphy’s comparison of the President of the United States to Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler is repulsive and inexcusable,” said Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. “His stunning lack of judgement and sensitivity is insulting to those whose families suffered, died or fought during World War II. It diminishes the slaughter of six million Jews and he should apologize to the people of New Jersey immediately.”

It wasn’t just Republicans in Ocean County who took notice, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said Murphy owes an apology to Trump and the Jewish population he offended with his remarks.

The Republican Governors Association released the following statement regarding New Jersey Democrat gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy’s remarks comparing President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.

“Phil Murphy’s comparison of our president to an authoritarian tyrant responsible for the deaths of millions is shameful,” said RGA Chairman Governor Scott Walker. “Murphy’s absurd statement raises serious questions about his judgment and ability to lead, and proves that he is too extreme to represent the people of New Jersey. Murphy should immediately apologize for this offensive and despicable remark.”


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