MacArthur Visit With Protesters Not Enough for Ocean County's Angry Alt-Left



TOMS RIVER-In a surprise move by Congressman Tom MacArthur on Thursday, he met with alt-left protesters assembled outside the WOBM radio station in Downtown Toms River.

The alt-left across America have stepped up their protests against all Republicans of late. This week was the first time the protests reached Ocean County after the local Ocean County Democrat Club has been hosting courses at branches of the Ocean County Library designed to teach residents how to protest and disrupt at the local level.

MacArthur showed the upset and angry left once again that his brand of Republican and conservative diplomacy and governing is about inclusion, not division, so he spoke to the mob of about 40 protesters.

“Tonight, during my regular ‘Ask the Congressman’ radio program, a sizable group of my constituents peacefully demonstrated outside the WOBM studios,” MacArthur posted on his Facebook page.  “I respect each of them – those who disagree with me as much as those who agree with me – for exercising our most precious, God-given right of free expression.”
While most of the protesters were protesting President Donald Trump, some challenged MacArthur his lack of town hall events, something not required by his position and a forum frequently used by liberals with post election stress disorder (PESD) to vent their frustrations about losing the presidential election last November.

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“After the radio program, I went out to the group and promised I would honestly answer their questions and asked in return that they let me speak without drowning out my answers,” MacArthur added.  “And that began some genuine, open, respectful conversation that touched on a range of issues including healthcare, gun control, the environment, and of course President Trump.”

MacArthur told the protesters he understands their anxiety, being brought up in a bi-political household as a child.

“As I shared with my constituents tonight, I grew up with a Mom who was a progressive democrat and a Dad who was a conservative republican,” he added. “They loved each other and I love and respect both of them. Talking with this crowd tonight was like dinner back at home. I’m grateful for those who took the time to make me a better representative and I always welcome the opportunity to have productive conversations with my constituents.”

This was the second time this week MacArthur, a Republican surprised Democrats, once again bringing them into his circle of inclusion.

On Wednesday, he was hosting a meeting in the same building where the Evesham Democrat Club held their monthly meeting. He stopped by to talk to them about their concerns.

“So, I walked in. Yes, a Republican Congressman dropping in to a meeting of local Democrats to talk with them about some very serious concerns they had. We didn’t yell or point fingers. We talked honestly and respectfully. We certainly disagreed in some areas, but we did it respectfully,” he said.  “I genuinely cherish moments like these and I’m certain our country would be the better for it, if members of both parties – Republicans and Democrats alike – would commit ourselves to working together to make America the best it can be.”
But for the angry left, MacArthur’s kindness and openness wasn’t enough, as it never is.  Instead of thanks, he was further assaulted on Facebook today.

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“Too bad you couldn’t show up for the 500 at Demasi. You don’t get to pat yourself on the back because you got cornered,” wrote Rachel Patore.

“God given? It wasn’t given, it was created by people who were forward thinking and other people who marched for that right,” ranted Meredith Alison.

“Surprise visits for a photo op don’t get you points.” wrote a frustrated Andrea Gurney. “Meet with your constituents in a town hall like a normal, rational, reasonable, paid MoC instead of someone fleeing questions.”

Some were more constructive.

“Thank you for meeting the small group of us that still remained in the parking lot after your WOBM call in show had ended,” wrote Stacey Kalb.  “I hope you took away from our meeting, the urgency to have real town halls with real back and forth dialogue.”

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“I am proud to have you as our Representative. You have always shown yourself to be a person who truly cares and always reaching across the aisle,” wrote Mark LeMire.

But, for most, it wasn’t.

“So we need to wait outside of your closed door events for the chance to talk,” griped Kelly McKelvey.

The protest was organized by the Ocean County Democrat Club and paid political consultants who are managing a new alt-left campaign of protest and disruption in Ocean County.

The group plans on protesting MacArthur’s March 31st event at Ocean County College, but some conservative groups are already planning to show up to support the Congressman and President Donald Trump in the face of growing alt-left uprising here in Ocean County.

Lead photo by Tom MacArthury. Photos from YouTube video posted by WOBM and 94.3 the Point.



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