Report: Man Threatens to Kill Police With AK-47 if Released; Released by Judge Under NJ Bail Reform

A story coming out of Jersey City via the Star Ledger newspaper highlights the increasing absurdity of New Jersey’s bail reform and speedy trial act.

After a known gang member assault a police officer and threatened to shoot cops with an AK-47 if they came around his hood, he asked the judge for a gps monitoring bracelet.

It’s no secret, the criminals of New Jersey know the new system and know how to play it, but most importantly, know that they now have home field advantage here in New Jersey.
According to the New Jersey Bail Reform watchdog page, the perp was released by a judge Friday, no need for a gps bracelet.

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Here’s the report from the Star Ledger.

JERSEY CITY — A self-described gang member assaulted a police officer and threatened two others after he was caught stealing more than $500 worth of merchandise from Macy’s, authorities said. A security guard at the Newport Centre mall department store stopped 19-year-old Davonta Barr on Sunday after the teenager ripped security tags and damaged the items…

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