After Hooking Up for Bernie, 24 Year Old Brick Democrat Gets Political Appointment to Housing Authority Board

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A Democratic political appointee in Brick Township is under fire this week after accepting a position on the township’s Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

Hooking up for Bernie?

Robyn Gedrich, 24, made headlines during the Democratic primary election when she was kicked off a popular singles dating app, Tinder for promoting the political campaign of Bernie Sanders.

Now she will be part of the seven member board which manages subsidized housing for seniors.

On the popular Brick Township online news website, Brick Shorebeat, Gedrich was criticized by readers.

“Great…whats her qualifications…her business background…why did they choose her,” asked “Frank Rizzo”.

“Friends and family degree,” replied “smokin”.

A user by the name of Surfrider made the following statement:

C’mon “internet firestorm”? For doing something not on the up and up campaigning for the “money tree” candidate on a dating app, lying to 600 potential dates to campaign for a socialist? Doesn’t sound to me like a honest person, so lets reward her for her dishonesty. Well I for one feel this is the wrong type of character for this position. I pity the poor old people, she will be sending them to the glue factory. So this young lady, with all her experience, is tied somehow to this administration for sure? Commissioner? You gotta be kidding me. What is this salary for some one who has no experience, only 24 years old, and already appointed a commissioner? Politics, unbelievable….One thing for sure, she will never convince those who she will serve, she is working for them.BAD CHOICE BRICK!!.

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