With Rullo Endorsement, Lamb Vows to Challenge Status Quo in Toms River

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PELICAN ISLAND-This weekend, Joe Rullo, an anti-establishment Republican candidate running for Governor of New Jersey in the June 6th Republican primary election endorsed political newcomer Justin Lamb for Toms River’s Ward 1 council seat.

Rullo spoke on Lamb’s behalf at a campaign kick off at Pelican Island Bay Club.  Rullo, an avid supporter of President Donald Trump said not only does New Jersey need to drain the swamp in Trenton, but said what good is draining the swamp in the state capital without like-minded Republicans serving the local communities.

Rullo said he sees the same passion to make a positive change in Toms River that he saw a year ago in Donald Trump, an outsider willing to go against the grain.

“What good is all of that going to do unless we have great people like Justin here?” Rullo asked the hundred or so attendees at the event.   “We need to drain the swamp not only in Trenton, but we need to drain the swamp of establishment Republican politicians.”

Rullo said Lamb’s experience as a police officer is a quality missing in politics.

“He understands and respects the law,” Rullo said.

Lamb said he and Rullo spoke about topics and issues and thanked and accepted his endorsement.

“The experience this past month has been difficult at times, but we’re doing good things,” he said. “Challenging the status quo is not easy, but that’s what I’m doing.  I’m going to challenge the status quo.”

“Being a true Republican is talking about the challenges and not to sit and let things go,” Lamb added.  “You can’t just sit and let things go and be comfortable, you have to challenge yourself.”


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