Christie's Number Two, Guadagno Dumps Last Minute Robocall on Joe Rullo

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TOMS RIVER-A robocall being made this evening across New Jersey, claiming to be “John” from Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno’s office went out to voters tonight asking them to vote for Chris Christie’s number two and against Ocean County resident Joe Rullo.

“I’d also like to inform you that Joe Rullo has absolutely no chance of victory whatsoever, so if you had any inkling of an idea of voting for him…you’re wasting your time,” the caller said.

“They must be worried we’re going to win,” Rullo said.  Rullo said voters in New Jersey who want to drain the swamp still have a few hours to vote and urged them to pull the drain on eight more years of the Chris Christie administration.

The Guadagno team has not yet issued a statement regarding this robocall.


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