Jackson Council Remains United, Strong Against Canvassing Real Estate Agents


JACKSON-Jackson Township’s council was united and sent a strong message to real estate agents looking to canvass neighborhoods soliciting real estate sales by supporting a New Jersey senate bill that seeks to outlaw the practice in New Jersey.

New Jersey Senate bill 2376 prohibits canvassing and soliciting by real estate licensees. The council voted unanimously in favor of the bill’s passage.

The bill was introduced by Brian P. Stack of Hudson County, but according to political insiders, has the support of District 12 Republicans Sam Thompson, Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton, who responded to letters from concerned Jackson residents over aggressive real estate tactics occurring here.

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“For many months, we’ve been wrestling with real estate agents going door to door harassing our residents,” Nixon said.  “We have certain powers under state law, but we don’t have power to ban certain activities. This is the legislature taking that step.”

The bill seeks to prohibit all forms of house to house real estate solicitation.

u.    Engaging in the solicitation or canvassing of homeowners as prohibited by section2 of P.L.

Notwithstanding any law, rule, or regulation to the contrary, no real estate broker, broker-salesperson, salesperson, referral agent, or any person who assumes, advertises or represents the authority to act as, or on behalf of, a real estate broker, broker-salesperson, salesperson or referral agent, shall engage in any canvassing or solicitation of homeowners.

  1. As used in this section:
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“Canvassing” means distributing printed material or any other thing from house to house, or calling in person upon the occupants of any house seeking to distribute printed material, or in any way advertising any services or offering anything of value house to house.

“Solicitation” means any attempt to sell or offer to sell property of any kind or description by sample or otherwise house to house, or offer to render services from house to house, with or without accepting payment or partial payment for the same.


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