Deleted Reviews on Amazon Lead Hillary Clinton Book Critics to Wonder “What Happened?”

/// is being accused of deleting negative reviews of Hillary Clintons’ new book “What Happened”, a volume of excuses and fingerpointing that she claims led to her defeat last November against President Donald Trump.

The company issued a statement today saying it will only allow “verified purchase” reviews, but even those customers are claiming their reviews are being removed by the online retail giant.

Here are some reviews:

“I bought the book, read the book but was very bored by its repetitive nature. Over and over she states how well prepared she was for the office BUT was defeated by the most unfit of candidates because she was treated unfairly by the media, because she is a woman, treated unfairly by Bernie Sanders …..and it goes on and on. A few times she admits she did make mistakes but those times are far overshadowed by the blame game she plays throughout. It is sad that she can not recognize that she ultimately is accountable for her own failure, that she ran a terrible campaign, and was a terrible candidate who was defeated by an even worse candidate. I am a documented purchaser of the book and did read it. If Amazon decides to unpost my review this is the last book I buy from Amazon. I will not support censorship.”  – Pitty Party

“Like so many others my previous review has been taken down because it was critical of Clinton’s book. In my previous review I referenced her book Hard Choices….”Believe it or not I actually liked this book.” Before Amazon took my previous down they used the line…”Believe it or not I actually liked this book” to highlight what I had supposedly said about What Happened. . If Amazon doesn’t want our opinion stop asking for it. Joseph Stalin would be proud of you guys.” – Lanny

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“This book touches on every topic she wants the last word on, but never really touches on her feelings. She blames being a woman at every turn and complains that she doesn’t understand why people say she’s not real. It’s clear that her true passion was to become the first woman president, not her vision for a better America.” – Gail Meyer

“I’m going to have to rate this book 1 star every day until Amazon discontinues its deletion of my rating. This book is a deep dive into the mind of a self serving liberal who cannot believe she lost due to her being a terrible person and instead illustrates a fantastical conspiracy full of shadowy Russian agents voodoo and self righteousness.” – Amazon Customer”I voted for Hillary Clinton twice and I was excited to finally learn What Happened. The 2016 election is a bizarre mystery to me. I’ve read several books about it and the unifying theory behind all of them is that apparently no one knows What Happened. I was sure that the one person that would know was Hillary. But this book does not answer that question. In fact, it does not even discuss it. The book is filled with touching stories and folksy anecdotes intended to make the reader like Hillary. But it does not explain What Happened. On that measure it is pandering and uninformative. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good book if you just want to know why you are supposed to like Hillary. But if you want to know What Happened, you will need to look elsewhere. Particularly if you want to know What Happened so it doesn’t happen again.” – Brent Walthall

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“I read the book within a few days and I have to say all she was doing was blaming others for her own failure. Too many people in today’s world push their problems on imaginary forces. Clinton did the same. I somehow felt wrong giving her money but it was a sad attempt for a money grab.” – Michael Arant

“HRC attacks everyone, but rarely questions her role in losing in this book. It has the prevailing theme of women’s entitlement and how dare america not elect a woman OR even understand that it is a woman’s time to be president. While it did have some good insight into her campaign… it came off very shallow and keeps you guessing for the real details. It is as if she went on a facebook rant the day after losing and then put it into book form.” – Jeremiah Hill

“I put a review on this site yesterday. It was a negative review, not nasty, but negative, and I bought the book from Amazon—–it was deleted.

This is a very poorly written book and nothing but a Trump bashing. She lost and needs to come to grips with that. Writing negative books and Amazon deleting negative reviews is not going to get her elected. The whole concept of democracy is evidently lost on Hillary and Amazon-I ran therefore I should win is not how it works. Simply because her last name is Clinton does not give her the right to be president. A lot of people have lost presidential races, you don’t see anyone whining in books about it. In this book she has shown she is not mature enough to be president.” – Amazon Customer

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“This book is exactly what we all expected, full of anger and bitterness and no actual remorse or even the hint of personal responsibility. Sure she writes the ubiquitous ” I take full responsibility bla bla bla…”. In fact, she blames everyone but herself. From the Russians to her emails to Kellyann Conway and fake news, no one is left alone. The only good part of this book is the ability to relive the experience of the total and complete takedown of a woman who dedicated her entire life to her own enrichment from a guy who is the exact opposite. Its nothing but poetic justice and this book is great at reliving every moment of it.” – Michael

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