Are Toms River Republicans Pandering for the Orthodox Jewish Vote?

Photo: Democrat gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy at a recent visit to Lakewood.

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TOMS RIVER-After a gesture of goodwill was sent by the Toms River Police Department this weekend through a rabbi who serves as a clergyman, alongside other clergymen of different religious denominations went south, Toms River Republicans find themselves now on the defensive against attacks from the left.

Liberal Media Launched in Toms River

It took no time for township Democrats, through their liberal media arm, “Toms River Press“,  which launched in 2017 to weaponize the goodwill gaffe made by the police department against the Republican committeemen up for election this November.

In the tradition of liberal mainstream media, the source quoted “unidentified sources”, claiming the letter was “written for the sole purpose of appealing to Orthodox Jewish voters”, but is that claim true?  Was there even a source?

The article then promoted the campaign of the Democratic ticket running against Republicans this November.

Unidentified Sources Key to Claim, such as MSM

That same unknown source “within the Republican establishment”, claimed that polling data showed Democrats leading Republicans in Toms River by 8 points.   The post then went on to strengthen the position of Democrats as being anti-development.

The claim had politics written all over it.

But are Toms River Republican pandering for the Orthodox vote?   Probably not any more than the Democrats are doing whatever they can to gain ground in a town that has rejected them since its founding.

One thing the article missed was a simple fact that Toms River’s elected officials are doing their best to handle a situation where their town has a community growing within its own community.   Some towns, such as Jackson have chosen the path of all-out war against their growing Orthodox population, but Toms River has been balancing the needs of the people with the quality of life concerns.

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They have enacted no-knock ordinances, realtor canvassing laws and other ordinances aimed at maintaining the quality of life for all, while at the same time, allowing for the Orthodox community to negotiate with the utility company to build a public eruv, which exists in hundreds of communities across America.

A rock and a hard place

Republicans are in a difficult spot in Toms River, a no-win situation where every action has a direct consequence that could lead to court battles on one side or political attacks from the left on the other side.

They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, and the liberal left within the township is waiting to capitalize on every decision, which is why this week nobody will go on record about what really happened with that letter.

Misinforming the masses?

The Democrats know fake media works when it comes to local politics.  It was how they “won” Brick Township a few years ago.   A new “newspaper” was launched, full of misinformation and propaganda, mixed in with community news to hook new readers into thinking it was a legitimate news source.

After the elections were over, Brick Pride, the newspaper of the Brick Democrats was dead.  This year, the Democrats, led by the same campaign and political power brokers as the Toms River Democrats were under fire once again for disseminating Fake News and reviving the Brick Pride name, this time as a township funded newsletter.

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Brick Democrats were caught red-handed, this time, they were using public tax dollars to fund a propaganda campaign.

According to the Shorebeat article, “Before it became a print publication, carried stories written by Jon Salonis, a Democratic operative who has worked on numerous campaigns in Ocean and Monmouth counties. In June, he was elected to the Democratic state committee. Salonis was originally hired by the township in 2016 to simultaneously perform two jobs – a keyboarding clerk for $33,867 and a media specialist for $14,619. The media specialist position was never publicly advertised. He was later transferred out of the administration office (and away from the Brick Pride publication) to the recreation department, where he earns $48,486 per year as a keyboarding clerk.”

Will it work? Will Toms River Flip to Democrat in 2017?

Now with money on the line in Toms River, the North Jersey backed Democrat political power structure is alive and well in Toms River and ready to begin trying to turn the town into a blue town, at all costs, even if it means, lying their way into office.

The question Toms River voters need to ask themselves when reading political propaganda that claims the township is pandering the Orthodox vote is, one if they are, it’s because Orthodox are primarily conservative Republicans and Libertarians, so their political views are in line, but don’t fool yourselves, the Democrats are also working behind the scenes to pander the Orthodox vote.

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Who’s pandering who?

Both sides are.  It would be unwise for either side not to want the hundreds of Orthodox families to vote for them this November, but does that mean deals are being made?  Maybe, maybe not, but the track record of the mayor in Toms River and the council show that they do have a firm grip on what’s going on in the town.

Democrats can easily sit by on the sidelines and chirp, but the campaign has yet to provide their own plan on how they are going to accommodate the growing Orthodox population in town or deal with that growth.

This year the Democrats are fighting for control of Toms River, even after Toms River overwhelmingly rejected the Democrat platform in last year’s Presidential election.  That’s not deterring them from using the leftist, liberal doctrine of division and misinformation which will probably end up costing them an election they might actually have a shot of winning.

Photo: New Jersey’s top Democrat, Millionaire Wall Street One percenter Phil Murphy in a recent visit to SCHI school in Lakewood, photo by the Lakewood Scoop.



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