NJ Assemblyman Wants to End War With Nazi Germany; Allow Horse Drawn Sleighs to Travel Sleigh Bell Free

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TRENTON-We’ve all heard stories about old laws being on the books that no longer apply to modern-day America, but one New Jersey State Assemblyman says it’s time for Trenton to start cleaning up its act and should remove unnecessary laws from the books.

As of September 26, 2017, according to the State of New Jersey, America is still fighting World War II against Nazi German and imperialistic Japan and horse-driven sleighs on Jersey’s highways must have sleigh bells equipped.

“This bill would repeal two sections of the statutory law that are anachronistic in nature – i.e. belonging to an earlier time and irrelevant in the current legal, political, and social climate,” Assemblyman Ronald Dancer said in Assembly bill A5169.

Selection of these sections of law was based on a recently published news article citing support for their repeal by the New Jersey Law Revision Commission, whose purpose under N.J.S.A.1:12A-8 is to “promote and encourage the clarification and simplification of the law . . . and its better adaptation to present social needs.”

Dancer’s bill would remove the following two lines from New Jersey’s code:

(1) the definition of “present war” meaning the wars with the governments of Japan, Germany, and Italy during World War II; and

(2) the mandate on attachment of sleigh bells to a sleigh pulled by a horse on a highway.

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