Toms River Regional Schools Publishes Booklet of District Feats, Goals


Toms River Regional School District has issued a 23-page booklet outlining its recent accomplishments, providing historical context, and informing the community about exciting initiatives as it dives into the 2017-2018 school year.

The document is entitled “Our Story,” and it provides a first-hand account of district happenings over recent years in the context of its storied history, and is structured in chapters with a K-12 theme. The purpose of the document is three-fold: 1) to serve as a recap of the 2016-2017 school year; 2) to provide a snapshot of district achievements throughout the past several years, and 3) to offer insight as to how these achievements drive board of education and district goals heading into the new school year and beyond. The release of the booklet is on the heels of Toms River Regional being recognized by the State Department of Education as a “high performing school district,” in conjunction with the opening of Career Academies at each of the three high schools (a major district initiative for which planning began years ago), and as the district prepares to receive the extraordinary honor of being named by the Greater Toms River Chamber of Commerce as Toms River’s Distinguished Organization of the Year.

“We’re thrilled to present the community with a document capturing everything our district has accomplished over the years, and the bright future that lies ahead of us,” said Board President Ben Giovine. “The board has been well aware of how Toms River Regional has met and continues to exceed our goals over the past few years, yet it’s stunning to see it in such a well-developed and thorough presentation. We’re immensely proud of what this booklet represents, but even prouder of the collective work it took from our entire school community to achieve what are many significant accomplishments. We hope parents and other community members share in our pride of Toms River Regional.”

Toms River Regional Schools has in the past issued a community packet prior to the school year that, while touching on school and district triumphs, included information such as school contacts, schedules, and available programs. “Our Story” is an attempt at something different which the district hopes might resonate with families and the community while serving as a valuable resource. Directory information and real-time district happenings can be accessed at

“Our mindset was, most of the district and school information is readily available and accessible digitally now in a number of our platforms,” said Superintendent David Healy, “so we really viewed this as an ideal opportunity to share even more. Our board, teachers, students, support staff, and administrative team deserve all the credit and recognition for what they’ve been able to accomplish, and our hope is that this booklet’s structure and readability will thoroughly inform the community of all that is taking place and the profound impact it has on them and their children. Collectively we’ve accomplished so much, and we’re delighted to share these accomplishments with our entire community.”

“Our Story” is posted on the homepage of Toms River Regional’s website at A link to the booklet was also shared within Superintendent Healy’s welcome back letter to students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators.


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