What President Trump Said to a Black Indianapolis Police Officer Has Left the Mainstream Media Speechless

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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA-A phone call made by President Donald Trump on Wednesday has left the mainstream media in America speechless.   Each day the media scrutinizes every word and every action the President makes ad nauseam.  They discussed what brand of shoes the First Lady wore for an entire morning just a few weeks ago.   They regularly take Presidential tweets and turn them into hours-long segments, but when it comes to a phone call the President made to a black police officer, the American mainstream liberal media chose to take a knee.

If you search mainstream media sites for the name Robert Turner, that search as of this writing will yield no results.  Unfortunately, Turner’s story has been quietly swept under the rug by the media.

Who is Robert Turner?  He’s a black police officer who works for the Indianapolis Police Department whose motorcycle crashed while in the presidential motorcade earlier this week.

Even though Turner’s  crash was well documented as it unfolded to the media through White House Press Corps correspondent Steven Miller of the Washington Times, the media chose to ignore the story entirely.

The first alert regarding Turner’s crash came at 4:40 pm on Wednesday.

“During motorcade to airport, a motorcycle officer crashed. It was unclear if the motorcycle hit one of the vans in the motorcade or the officer simply laid down the motorcycle,” Miller, reporting for the press pool told the press corps, including Shore News Network.  “The Beast did not appear to be involved.  From the press van, the motorcycle could be seen lying on the right side of the highway. The officer was on the shoulder on the left side of the highway. The officer was moving.”

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At 6:17 pm, Miller updated the media with the conditions on the ground after the crash.
“The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department motorcycle officer injured during motorcade was transported to nearby Methodist Hospital. The officer suffered a broken ankle and possible confusion but otherwise was in good condition, according to the White House,” Miller wrote the national and international media,” he wrote.  “Upon arrival at Indianapolis International Airport, the president spoke with a group of motorcycle officers on the tarmac. The pool could not hear what was said but the White House said he expressed his concern for the injured officer.”

A minute later, Miller filed another report which went unreported by the mainstream media.

“During the flight, the president also spoke to the Officer Robert Turner, the IMPD motorcycle officer injured during the motorcade. He checked on his condition, expressed his gratitude for his service and wished him a will in his recovery, according to the White House,” he wrote once he was briefed by the President’s staff about the phone call.

Still, with no media coverage, the Indianapolis Police Department took the matter into their own hands, releasing the following statement, “On behalf of the IMPD, we would like to take an opportunity to thank President Donald J. Trump for his thoughtful act in delaying his departure in Air Force One until he was assured that the officer injured in the motorcade accident was ok,” the department said. “Calls were made by his staff to Chief Bryan Roach checking on Cycle Officer Turner. President Trump even took the time to speak with Officer Turner after the accident, to check on him. Thank you for your compassion, concern, and leadership Mr. President!”

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