Democrat Phil Murphy Just Confirmed his First Increase, Guadagno Responds


TRENTON-As the New Jersey race for governor heats up to a mild lukewarm temperature, Democrat Phil Murphy announced his first increase of perhaps many should he win the office in November.    Murphy’s campaign team confirmed the Wall Street millionaire was granted an increase in characters in his tweets on Twitter.

Most Twitter users, including his opponent Republican Kim Guadagno are limited to just 140 characters per tweet, but Murphy’s account is one of a few in a test sample of accounts that were recently bumped up to 280 characters.

The news prompted his opponent,  Guadagno to take a jab at the Wall Street mogul.

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“Watch out! Twitter gave Phil Murphy even more characters to propose higher taxes for New Jersey,” she wrote on Facebook, where’s she’s not limited to 140 characters.

Her campaign spokesman Ricky Diaz confirmed that Guadagno is still limited to 140 characters.

It’s not the first time the liberal-leaning Twitter has been accused of playing political favoritism as the service has been accused of bias against conservative and right-wing users for many years.

“It’s not surprising that a Goldman Sachs millionaire like Phil Murphy is playing by a different set of rules than the rest of us,” Diaz said in a statement. “Just hold on to your wallets because that’s more space for him to propose even higher taxes.”

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