New Jersey Millionaire Murphy Compares New Jersey Gun Ownership to Decades of Sexual Harassment by Harvey Weinstein

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TRENTON-Apparently, legal gun ownership in New Jersey is a big problem for one percenter Phil Murphy and the National Rifle Association is no better than Hollywood producers who sexually assault aspiring actresses.

After being caught with his hand in Harvey Weinstein’s cookie jar, New Jersey Millionaire and Wall Street mogul Phil Murphy said taking Weinstein’s money is equal to Republicans taking money from the NRA.

“He was going to be part of something,” Murphy said of the Hollywood icon who has been shamed in recent days over his accused thirty-year pattern of sexual harassment against women.  “We heard there was something happening, we dropped him…and canceled the entire event.”

Murphy immediately accused Guadagno of getting money from the National Rifle Association.   Murphy says the NRA has supported Republican candidate Kim Guadagno, giving at least $65,000 to the candidate.

“I find that unconscionable particularly since what happened over the past 9 days,” he added, invoking the Las Vegas massacre. “Let’s make sure we’re focused on the facts.”

Murphy said he hasn’t taken a dime from Weinstein, whose reputation in Hollywood had proceeded him for decades as a womanizer.  Weinstein did not say how much money he intended to take in from Weinstein after meeting with him, along with Hollywood loud mouth liberal, Robert DeNiro in August.





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