Toms River Council Candidate: End Special Deals for Developers on Lakewood Border


by Daniel Rodrick, Toms River

Special deals given to developers by the Council and their appointed boards have resulted in the construction of 1400 new units of housing on the Lakewood border.  Now the Council voted to approve special zoning for another 2500 units.

Last October they voted unanimously to approve the fourth largest low-income housing number in the State of New Jersey and then voted to funnel $52 Million dollars in Sandy Recovery Money to developers to build that low-income housing on the Lakewood border.

All of this construction is concentrated in northern Toms River.  Thousands of additional multi-family units in North Dover will strain township services, devastate our schools, and send property taxes skyrocketing!  I will fight to stop their reckless plan. I want to stop the special deals for out-of-town developers and rezone the Route 9 Corridor to prevent high-density residential development.

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Wasteful spending and nearly $5.2 Million dollars a year in patronage jobs have doubled the tax levy.  Shortly after being appointed last year, my opponent voted for a 7% tax increase, a 625% increase in parking fees, and he also spent millions on new projects.  Our Township Administrator Paul Shives is costing the taxpayers of Toms River $316,000 dollars a year.  Enough is Enough!  We need to keep Toms River an affordable place to live and do business. I want to eliminate the political patronage jobs and wasteful spending that is driving up our taxes.

I am committed to stopping the out of control development in North Dover and the unsustainable tax and spend policies of this administration!  If you share my vision, I hope you will vote for me this November.  Together we can make a meaningful difference, for our families, and our community!

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-Daniel Rodrick

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