Wall Street Millionaire Tax Increase Pledge Rises to $9.2 Billion

TRENTON-So far this month, one candidate for governor has vowed to increase New Jersey taxes by $9.2 billion dollars.  Yes, I said billion.

After pledging a $9 billion increase just a week ago, Phil Murphy tacked on another $200 million to his tax increase last night.

In last night’s gubernatorial debate, Wall Street millionaire Democrat Phil Murphy said it’s just $200 million per year, but he’s going to launch a free college tuition program for community colleges.

Murphy, at the pair’s second debate, continued to outline how he’s going to spend more your hard earned money.

“We stand for free community college,” Murphy told the audience.  “At most, it’s $200 million item.”

Murphy also said he was going to create a government-run public banking system to manage the $200 million annual student loan business. Murphy also said that those who pay their own way to college in New Jersey would also be forgiven of those loans if they stay in New Jersey after graduation.

Kim Guadagno, his opponent, responded.

“The public bank of New Jersey is what I call the wacky bank of New Jersey,” she said.
“I can’t image a worse idea than giving all of the receipts to some Bureaucrat in Trenton to hand out to other people,” she said.  “It’s beyond words, Fantasyland.”

Guadagno also gave her opinion of free college education.

“Free college education falls into the category of who’s going to pay for it?” she said. “I would love to provide you with a free college education and if you have the means to pay for it, do I still want to give you a free college education?”

Guadagno said Murphy’s plan leaves much room for abuse in the public system.

“My opponent’s plan says whether you can afford it or not, you get a free college education,” she said. “You know who’s going to pay for it? Look around this room, look into the camera, and you will know who’s going to pay for it, all of New Jersey will pay for it.  Phil Murphy’s going to raise your taxes and I won’t.”


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