Letter: Why I support Daniel Rodrick For Toms River Council


I can tell you from the late 80’s to the current timeframe Toms River has expanded, developed and utilized almost every lot or site in town! We have come full circle from a growth engine to an out of control people stacking. The current push of the Lakewood Jewish community into our Northern border and even to Silverton area is because they have done more and more of what we have slowed down from doing. Its the change that many fear, the walking on streets on Saturdays the rampant use of social systems, the accusations of fraud in public programs, the conversion of single-family homes into apartments without proper municipal approvals, conversions into places of religious gatherings and avoiding local property taxation and the complete takeover of communities when identified by NY and Lakewood entities with cash.

Not all development is bad nor is all hesitation to development bad. You don’t have to be a racist to want proper and sufficient zoning for residential use and limits on development into special classes of people with large social demands on services.

Our town is under a great strain with traffic increasing more than doubling in the past 20 years, zoning running short on the available new area for homes and social systems being abused with an unsuspecting municipal governing body. We need to be open for development, some new clean industry and an increase in residential neighbors all within reason. Our tax rate was stable for 30 years. Although the elections have all been relatively friendly for Republicans we also had a good number of Democratic representatives. Here in Toms River, we are blessed to have all the ranges of parks, sporting venues, golf courses and Malls, movies and great restraint.

But all that can slip away if it’s not managed properly with a good Master Plan and a path to accomplishing that plan. I have spent many hours speaking to various candidates for this election locally and feel very confident that Dan Rodrick offers a new approach to proper, within reason and necessary development yet will also demand the social services are respected and protected from the greedy and unconcerned elements of our development communities and restrained in holding back Construction needed to provide sufficient housing for us all.

He’ll get my vote because I like what I have heard from him.

George M. Lobman, Toms River

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