Trouble Continues to Plague Jackson Zoning Board after Another Member Resigns

JACKSON-Larry Schuster was appointed just over one week ago to the troubled Jackson Township zoning board, but this week resigned, before his first meeting.

Schuster, the owner of Schuster’s Car Wash in Toms River cited family obligations for his resignation.

“Today I resigned my position as a zoning board member before the first meeting. I want to thank the Council of Jackson for voting me in, As I believe I would have been a great asset to the Township. I have a family obligations as a parent of a prior marriage that includes custody of a minor child on Wednesday night,” Schuster wrote.  “As my love for Jackson and it’s well being, my heart is devoted to my daughter and my wife and that is where I need to be. I am very sorry for my miscalculations of the days and times that are required of a board member but at the present time my Daughter and family needs to come first.  I am 100% confident the Council will find another citizen to take my place and do the town great justice as being that board member as I would have.”

An exchange on Facebook between former zoning board member Larry Schuster and Jackson Republican Club President Todd Porter.

Shortly after his resignation, a news story appeared on the Lakewood Scoop regarding comments about the Jewish Orthodox community allegedly posted on social media by Schuster.

According to sources within the township, township officials were made aware of Schuster’s questionable posting prior to his resignation.

We reached out to the Jackson Township council which appointed Schuster, but local elected officials declined to comment about allegations being made by the Lakewood Scoop and subsequently the Asbury Park Press.

Schuster operates a private Facebook group called “Jackson Uncensored” which is full of off-color adult humor on a variety of topics, many posts criticizing and mocking Orthodox Jews.

Schuster denied the allegations made against him by the Scoop and the Asbury Park Press, “I think it’s taken out of context, some of the stuff,” Schuster said. “I spoofed a Bravo show. I commented on stuff, but didn’t post anything.”

Regardless, the township is once again short a zoning member after a series of bizarre events have plagued the board over the past year.

Last year, member John Burrows resigned, later Burrows went on social media to wish death upon New Jersey State Senator Robert Singer and Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore, who also serves as Jackson Township’s general legal counsel and affordable housing attorney.

After that, zoning board member Anthony Marano was arrested on child pornography charges.  When police came to arrest Marano, the ordeal ended with an armed standoff with police.

Last week, developer Peter Kitay resigned from the board after allegations were made against him by residents at a township council meeting.  Those allegations have not been confirmed but revolved around landlord registration and property tax issues.

At the last township council meeting, Councilman Barry Calogero expressed his desire for a screening process before appointing new members to the board in light of the recent follies surrounding the zoning board.

When asked if Jackson officials condoned the allegations made against Schuster, the council again refused to comment.  The Jackson Council is responsible for appointing members to the zoning board.

Jackson Mayor Mike Reina said of recent events with the zoning board, “It’s a rough time, but we’re going to get through it.”


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