Onofrietti Says Love, Not Politics or Power Behind his School Board Candidacy

School board member Robert Onofrietti, Photo courtesy Facebook.

As November 7th draws closer, I have been giving a lot of thought about this election cycle. The question that I keep getting asked is, “Why on earth do you want to do this?” For me the answer is clear: I love representing this town on the school board, and some of our most valuable citizens, the children.

First, I love the town of Toms River. I moved here in 1998 and have no plans of leaving, but feelings of sadness do arise. It makes me sad to realize that no matter how much good you either want to continue to do or actually do in this town, politics remain supreme. Even though social media does not reach most in this town, the negativity that some people put out there is astounding. Many of you know me, I do not engage in negativity, even if it is to defend me and my character. Nothing good can ever come to feeding into negativity, especially to someone who does not have the courage to come and say it directly, but sits behind a keyboard to spew hate. I want to thank all of those who have stayed behind me and continue to support me in my quest.

I’ve stated numerous times before, this year I chose to run for re-election independently. I am not a member of the Republican club nor the Democratic club and I will keep politics off the school board where they belong. In choosing this avenue, in doing the right thing, unfortunately I do not get handed the money to compete with the other teams running. Unless you’re independently wealthy or choose to be backed by one of the two major parties, it’s almost impossible to get elected in this town, even on the school board, which is supposed to be nonpartisan! My goal is to win the election and hope that the taxpayers will help me to prove that statement wrong!

No matter how many fundraisers are held, or how many times my campaign signs magically disappear, only to find my competitors’ signs in its place, I am the only candidate that remains independent and loyal to the Toms River school board. My dedication to my position pulls me to almost all school functions, meetings, events, and even sports games. I plan to win this election with your support and those you know. I will owe neither side anything and will remain constant in the way that I do business on the Toms River school board. I will always continue to keep my focus on the children of this district and on the teachers, while constantly keeping the taxpayers close in mind with my decisions.

As Election Day draws near, I’m asking everyone that reads this message to understand that I am running a true grassroots campaign. To date, one of my competitors has spent more money on pizza during this campaign then I have raised in total because I do not believe that you should have to fundraise for a volunteer position! I will be completely transparent, I have raised just over $1,200. This comes from close friends and family members; I will not spend or take in any more than this. Some of my other competitors, refuse to release how much money they have raised, or where it come comes from. I intend to show the great people of this town that you do not need money, or a huge bank account to do what is in the best interest of the children and taxpayers. Please understand that I am doing this for all the right reasons, I believe in volunteerism, and give up a lot of my time freely, without asking for anything in return. I have four daughters that attend the Toms River schools. I know that the things that are important to them are important to all students. I get to hear everything first hand from many students as I spend a lot of time with all of them from all the Toms River schools. I am asking for your support, because without it, politics will once again take over the Toms River school board and that is not what this town needs now! Thank you to all of you who have helped me and shown your undivided support for my re-election on November 7th. I have chosen to move this mountain and I intend to do it with your help! Please VOTE #3 ONLY on November 7th!

Regards, Robert Onofrietti Jr.



Political Satire – Shore News Network.
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