Osteo Relief Institute Helping People Affected by Hurricane Maria

Cemetery wall collapsed from the force of Hurricane Maria's winds.

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria, a strong, category-four hurricane with powerful winds up to 150-mph totally devastated Puerto Rico. It bisected the whole island and drenched it with rain. The results are catastrophic for the island.

In the hurricane’s aftermath, Puerto Rico is going through a humanitarian calamity. The hurricane has left more than 3.5 million people with power outages, damaged buildings, lack of internet or phone services and widespread flooding that is impeding recovery initiatives. To help the people of Puerto Rico, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez,  Stan Lee and national and local charities have pledged support to the victims of the hurricane.

Osteo Relief Institute in NJ has taken charge to help out the victims.  They are hoping others will help out as well.  Here are some ways to financially assist Puerto Rico in this time of need.

United for Puerto Rico

Donate to an organization called United for Puerto Rico. It was established by Beatriz Rosselló and Puerto Rico’s private sector to provide a way for people to help the victims.  The Osteo Relief Institute has donated $200 to this organization and we are urging others to make contributions to help these victims resume their normal lives. You can donate on the link below.

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Catholic Relief Services

You can also donate through Catholic Relief Services. Your contribution can help provide water, shelter and other critical supplies such as tents, tarps, and kitchen and hygiene kits to people affected by the hurricane. The Osteo Relief Institute has donated $100 to the cause. The organization is providing shelter, food and water and has established a database for the registration of government beneficiaries. You can easily donate by clicking the link below. The displaced victims are in urgent need of your assistance.



Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has remained unwavering in its cause to help Puerto Rico’s victims. The organization is pushing its staff as well as allies to provide supplies, food, and spiritual and emotional support to people affected by this tragedy.

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The Salvation Army has delivered about 8,000 meals on a daily basis in Fajardo, Loiza, San Juan and Humacao. The organization has also delivered relief supplies and hot meals to more than 22,500 survivors in Fajardo, Loiza, San Juan and Humacao. We have made a modest contribution of $200 to the Salvation Army and the victims are waiting for your support.

Response and recovery initiatives to Hurricane Maria and extreme flooding are likely to be expensive and can last for several years. Therefore, the best way you can lend your help following this calamity is by making a financial contribution.

Click below to make a donation

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The ASPCA in collaboration with its partner, Wings of Rescue, is working to transfer homeless dogs and cats displaced by the hurricane to different animal shelters across Florida. The organization’s disaster recovery team is working diligently and tirelessly to care for these animals and relocate them to safety. Osteo Relief Institute has donated $200 to the rescue initiative.

The organization has assisted more than 8,000 displaced animals and hundreds are being taken care of at its emergency shelters.  Click the link below to make a donation.


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