Jackson Chamber of Commerce Seeking Gift Card Donations for Food Bank


The Jackson Chamber of Commerce is expanding their annual membership gift card drive to the general public to further help those in need in Jackson this holiday season.
According to the chamber, the Jackson Food Pantry is in desperate need of supplies and the Jackson Chamber of Commerce is hoping you can help them help by donating a special gift for those in need of a gift card for a local food store.

Photo: Parishoners from Hope Cathedral in Jackson helped to stock shelves this month at the Jackson Food Pantry.

The chamber is asking for donations of any amounts.

“We have done this in the past where our members donated a food gift card for a store like Walmart, Target, Shop Rite or Stop-n-Shop,” the chamber said. “We gave the gift cards to the Jackson Food Pantry where they were able to give the cards to families in need.”

These gift cards provided the special ability for families to choose their own dinner choices or choose special treats for their children that they would not ordinarily be able to purchase or receive through food pantry donations. It’s a chance for families in need to simply shop for something special.

“We are asking you to please pick up a gift card. ANY amount will do….. Drop it off at one of the Banks listed below in an envelope for the Jackson Chamber of Commerce,” the chamber said. “We will get those wonderful gift cards to the Food Pantry. With your help and generosity families will truly enjoy a bountiful holiday.”

Please drop your gifts off at
Investor’s Bank- 130 North County Line Rd- Jackson
Lakeland Bank- 2110 W. County Line Rd. Jackson
OceanFirst Bank- 10 Leesville Rd. Jackson
Shore Community Bank- 1130 East Veterans Highway- Jackson

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