Dirty Jersey: New Jersey Lawmakers Clamor for 40% Pay Raise

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TRENTON-A report out of Trenton tonight has left millions of New Jersey residents scratching their heads after part-time lawmakers here pushed for a 40% pay raise this year.

Insider NJ reports that former New Jersey Governor Dick Codey along with senators Ronald Rice and Nia Gill argued with Senate President Steve Sweeney over a $20,000 pay increase for legislators.

New Jersey state senators and assemblymen are part-time positions.  Currently, senators earn $49,000 per year to perform their duties in Trenton.

According to the report, Sweeney was against the raises because of possible public backlash.

Also discussed in the meeting as a $24,000 pay increase for the state’s judges, prosecutors and the governor’s cabinet staff.

While most of New Jersey’s lawmakers ran on campaign platforms geared towards lowering taxes for the second most taxed state in New Jersey, none of the lawmakers explained how these sweeping, across-the-board pay hikes would contribute to lowering taxes in the Garden State.