Hirsh Singh Announces New Jersey Congressional Bid

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ATLANTIC CITY-Hirsh Singh, a 32 year old aerospace engineer who ran for Governor in the 2017 Republican primaries is now running for Congress.  Singh received just shy of 10% of the votes in the 2017 primary.

“Today I am excited to officially announce my candidacy for Congress in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District,” Singh said. “South Jersey deserves a conservative champion in Congress – someone who will defend the President’s agenda, fight to bring our fair share of tax dollars back to South Jersey, and stand up to Nancy Pelosi and the radical left.  The President’s agenda of slashing regulations, cutting taxes, and returning decision-making to state and local governments is working to grow the economy and must be supported.”

Singh garnered the support from a younger generation of disenfranchised Republicans who were tiring of the establishment, coming off a Presidential election win by Donald Trump in 2016.

“As a trained engineer, I’ve spent my career identifying problems and finding solutions.  Our next Congressman must have fresh ideas and a strong commitment to fix what is broken in Washington.  We need someone who is not afraid to work with others from across the aisle when there is an end result that will benefit South Jersey,” he added.
“We need a new congressman who will aggressively promote strategic economic development in South Jersey so that our young people can settle their families here and are not forced to flee their hometowns for more affordable states.”

“I’m a proud first generation American who was raised to believe in the American Dream and who saw it work firsthand.  I want everyone to have the same opportunity I had – to reach their highest possible potential and achieve the American Dream, just like I did,” Singh added. “In the coming weeks, I look forward to meeting with the residents of the 2nd Congressional District, listening to their concerns and sharing my vision for a stronger and more prosperous South Jersey.  We need a new voice in Washington who will fight for all of the residents of South Jersey.”