Is a Monster Storm Headed for the Jersey Shore This Weekend?

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Reports on Facebook and Twitter are trending.  A “huge monster” storm is heading for New Jersey this weekend, but a local and trusted amateur meteorologist says maybe not.

Bob “Weatherman” Burger operates a popular Facebook weather forecasting page with over 30,000 followers.   Burger has become a trusted local meteorologist, routinely providing accurate weather forecasts when the major media networks and professionals blow more calls than NFL referees on Superbowl Sunday.

“I’ve been asked about a huge monster storm for next week apparently posted on other Facebook pages,” Burger said.  “As of now, I don’t see enough evidence to substantiate a monster storm.”

Burger said others who posted reports of a massive nor’easter bearing down on New Jersey are engaging purely in the hype.

“I really wish some pages would wait for an accurate forecast before posting hype. And any credible weather page shouldn’t speculate, guess, or irresponsibly post something that s really unknown until all the data is in,” he added. “As of to this morning I see a chance for a low-pressure system over the weekend which could bring some rain.”

But is New Jersey going to feel the wrath of a monster nor’easter?

“As far as intensity etc ( monster) it’s to early to tell,” he said.  “I will keep an eye on the data and certainly update everyone. Check back here it’s real weather not hype.”

You can follow Bob “Weatherman” Burger on Facebook.

PHOTO: A photo of the 1991 “Perfect Storm” as seen from space…not this weekend’s system.