Council Recap: Cheer Champs Recognized by Township


JACKSON-The February 27, 2018 meeting of the Jackson Township Council began like any other meeting, as Council President Ken Bressi kept the room standing after the pledge of allegiance for recognition of America’s veterans.

“Think of all the veterans past and our current armed forces,” Bressi said, this time adding recognition of future veterans in advance of their service who have not yet become members of the armed forces, perhaps not yet even enlisted. “They have sacrificed so we can have a meeting like this because of them…they should never be forgotten…the cost of freedom is not cheap.”


Bressi then summoned Mayor Michael Reina to hand out the night’s presentations.

“Mayor!” he said.

Reina awarded proclamations to the cheerleaders of the Jackson Jaguar Youth Football and Cheer squads who won national championships in Florida.

“We have a special night tonight based on the accomplishments of what these young ladies have done, thank you,” Reina said.

“Two teams combined into one this season, I can’t stress how open these girls were to accept everybody, not only did we learn to work as a team, but we learned every day to get better and better,” said Tracey Turner, head coach of the division 8 national champion squad. “I think that’s the biggest message we can give everyone, every day, get a little bit better.”

“I really love the fact that I get to talk about these girls again,” said Coach Kimberly Clark of the two-time undefeated national champion d14 squad. “They have instilled three things that made them champions they are today, to be positive always, work as a team and to always come to practice and give their best effort.  They have really taken it to the next level this year.  They worked hard this year.”

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The D-14 team holds the all-time national record score in cheer for AYF and the girls were recognized for having the highest combined gpa of any cheer team at the Jersey Shore.

Opening Comments

After a 10 minute recess, the meeting reconvened with council comments.

“Congratulations to the young ladies for their outstanding accomplishments, once again the township’s youth makes the town shine,” said Councilman Calogero.

“With the extreme weather, driving on our roads has been driving on a landmine,” Calogero added. He asked residents that if they see a pothole to call the Department of Public Works.  “If you see a pothole, if you see something, say something.”

Councilman Scott Martin also praised Jackson YFC.  “Once again they are the envy of cheer organizations,” he said. “Each year we send multiple teams down there, each year, they come back with national championships.  As a cheer dad myself, you can’t appreciate the amount of work that goes into this.”

Councilwoman Anne Updegrave also congratulated the cheer teams, as did Councilman Rob Nixon.

Council President Bressi commended the efforts of the girls and their coaches.

Mayor Michael Reina also congratulated the girls.

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Ordinances for second reading

The township council approved an ordinance to amend recreation fees.  The vote was 5-0 in favor.   The council also unanimously approved changes to an ordinance that declares fees for fire inspections permits.

Ordinances for first reading

The Township approved another land use zoning change to accommodate the construction of a non-age restricted community to now allow for a community center on the property within the affordable housing zone.  You can view the resolution here.  Nixon and Calogero voted no, offering no explanation.  Bressi, Upegrave and Martin voted yes.

Discussion Agenda

Ken Bressi requested to start a discussion on securing buildings owned by the township. He requested permission to meet with Business Administrator Helene Schlegel, requiring permission from Mayor Reina.   Reina granted permission to Bressi to meet with the Business administrator.    Reina requested all discussions on building security remain private.

Public Comments

Robert Kirchhofer of Whitesville Road complained about CDR Whitesville, claiming the company’s activity floods the road and causes accidents.  The township, he claimed allowed the company to build an open-pit sand mining operation and now water flows through his property and onto Whitesville Road.   He said Bressi would talk to the owners, but nothing has changed.  Bil-Jim trucks going in and out, trees are gone, sand all over.  Said it has been going on for ten years and feels it has fallen upon deaf ears.

Bressi said the town has engaged CDW to remove their DEP violations and remedy the flooding they have caused, whether it has been done or not done, Bressi said he did know.  He also said the planning board denied a recent application renewal and recommended Kirchhofer speak to the business administrator and that the township engineer visit the site.  Bressi said the township currently has no control over anything that goes on at the site.

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Bressi said he was told the issues had been remedied, but Kirchhofer said it had not been.

Jim Bezanson Bezanson asked if the changes to the affordable housing zone to allow clubhouses would exclude places of worship. Township attorney Jean Cipriani said they are prohibited, but “the use of the club house or community center, there certainly can be uses within that on a temporary basis…any community group that is part of that development can meet in there, but it can’t be a house of worship.”     Cipriani said there are two sections in the development and there could be clubhouses for each section.  He also questioned the town’s approval of a 70% land coverage in the development.










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