Menendez Expands Foreign Policy Beyond Dominican Republic Flights; Talks Tough on Trump, North Korea


New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, whose most notable foreign relations activities included plane rides to the Dominican Republic with his now imprisoned partner,  Dr. Salomon Melgen, says has concerns with President Trump’s ability to negotiate through talks with Kim Jon-Un.

While Menendez eventually escaped political corruption charges by way of a hung jury, he continues serving as a U.S. Senator.

Here’s what he had to say about peace talks between Trump and North Korea:

When it comes to Kim Jon-un and President Trump meeting, I welcome any opportunity to forge a diplomatic pathway and prevent a possible military misadventure with North Korea. I commend South Korean President Moon for his efforts.

But I have deep concerns about President Trump’s ability to engage in the clear-eyed diplomacy necessary to achieve a verifiably denuclearized North Korea and protect American national security interests and those of our allies.

Pyongyang’s track record in past diplomatic engagement leaves considerable room for skepticism about their intentions in this negotiation. Nevertheless, testing diplomacy is far preferable to the risks of a catastrophic and costly war.

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