Teen Kept Out of School After Posting Gun Pic to Instagram

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by Ralph Stocco, TRPD

TOMS RIVER-In the late evening of March 13th the Toms River Police Department was made aware of an Instagram social media posting alluding to a violent act. A cooperative investigation was immediately initiated by the police department and the Toms River Schools Superintendent’s Office. A 15-year-old student was identified and subsequently located. The student responsible for this post was taken into custody by law enforcement and is being detained. He will not be returning to school until the conclusion of a comprehensive evaluation by the appropriate professionals. The investigation determined that the threats were not credible.

While undoubtedly an unfortunate occurrence, this incident highlights the swift and collaborative action we are willing to take to ensure the safety of our students, which is an ongoing effort of the highest priority. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.