McGovern, Rullo Both Rally Against Phil Murphy Backed Democrat Gun Grab Legislation in New Jersey

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NEW GRETNAMark McGovern, a congressional candidate in New Jersey’s second legislative district said today that the New Jersey Democrats’ assault on the second amendment must be stopped today.

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McGovern urged his followers on Facebook to call their local legislators to call on them to vote against these bills that will further erode gun rights in New Jersey, a state with some of the strictest gun laws in America.

Joseph Rullo, a Republican candidate for Governor in 2017 also urged his followers to do whatever it takes to stop the six anti-gun bills getting ready for an assembly vote on March 26th.

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Rullo said he will be in attendance at an Anti 2A (Second Amendment) rally in Trenton the day of the anticipated votes.

So what exactly are your New Jersey legislators trying to pass?  According to the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs…a lot.

Here’s what ANJRPC said about the anti-gun bills:

A2761 (Magazine Ban / Gun Ban)– Turns one million law-abiding gun owners into criminals with the stroke of a pen – no grandfathering, no option to render pre-owned magazines “compliant.” Makes no one safer (criminals will ignore), has no impact on mass attacks (magazines can be changed rapidly, 10-round magazines were used in previous attacks). Makes citizens less safe by limiting their ability to defend themselves against criminals who ignore the limit.

A1217 (No-Notice Suspension of Gun Rights)– Allows secret suspension of Second Amendment rights and firearms seizures with no advance notice or opportunity to be heard. Turns due process on its head. Creates a slow, cumbersome, go-to-court “solution” for emergencies that should properly be dealt with by police immediately under their community caretaking powers. Makes no one safer, could make us less safe by delaying government response to a true emergency.

A1181 (Allows Suspension of Gun Rights by Unaccountable “Health Professionals”)– Allows marriage counselors, social workers, nurses, and others to cause suspension of gun rights, and firearms seizure and forfeiture without compensation, if they think someone poses risk. Creates a slow, cumbersome “solution” for emergencies that should properly be dealt with by police immediately under their community caretaking powers. Makes no one safer, could make us less safe by delaying government response to a true emergency.

A2758 (Kills Self-Defense)– Cements NJ’s unconstitutional “justifiable need” carry permit standard into statute to prevent most law-abiding citizens from ever exercising the right to self-defense with a firearm outside the home. Makes it easier for predatory violent criminals and the mentally ill to victimize citizens. Not only does NJ have no legal obligation to keep individual citizens safe, it is now blocking the right of average citizens to protect themselves.

A2759 (Bans Ammunition That is Already Banned)– Bans the SS190AP (armor piercing) military round, which is already banned under federal law (18 U.S.C. 922(a)(7) and (8)) and is not available to civilians. Completely redundant with existing law, changes nothing, makes no one safer – pure feel-good legislation that only makes headlines. It’s a hardware ban that criminals will ignore. Lawmakers should instead severely punish the criminal misuse of ANY type of ammunition.

A2757 (Background Checks on Sales That Already Require Background Checks)– Eliminates private sales of firearms, which (unlike most other states) already require state-mandated paperwork and either an FID card or pistol purchase permit -both of which require an extensive background check prior to issuance.Will be ignored by criminals, who do not submit to background checks in the first place. Only impacts honest citizens, who are not the problem. Zero impact on public safety.

Three of these six bills are scheduled for amendment and re-hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee tomorrow (Thursday, March 22), but testimony in that committee is usually restricted to fiscal impact or substance of amendments only (which will likely not be released before the hearing), so it is not certain whether testimony on the overall impact of the bills will be heard. Gun owners should prioritize attendance at Monday’s rally in Trenton if time off from work is limited.

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About ANJRPC: The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is the official New Jersey affiliate of the NRA, and is New Jersey’s oldest, largest, and most effective Second Amendment advocacy organization.
Lawmakers need to hear from you! Please immediately begin contacting every member of the Assembly and urge them to oppose the following bills and instead pass legislation that targets criminals instead of law-abiding gun owners, and that meaningfully addresses mental health issues while preserving due process: