Congressman Chris Smith Pledges Continued Support of “Assault Weapons” Ban


RED BANK-Congressman Chris Smith, a Republican who is running for reelection in New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District this year pledged his continued support for a federal assault weapons ban.

Smith met with students as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee backed gun protest marched on his office in Red Bank.

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“I met today with students from Freehold Township HS before they went to the #MarchForOurLives rally that they led and organized, and discussed my strong and long-standing support for common sense gun legislation such as closing the gun show/private sale loophole, my continued support for the assault weapons ban and federal funding for school safety,” Smith said. “The spending bill passed this week included positive steps like funding to strengthen our national gun background check system and for prevention measures at schools like properly trained security personnel. More must be done, however.”

Smith, like his liberal counterparts in Congress, leveraged the Parkland High School shooting for his support of the DCCC sponsored federal gun grab.

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“What happened in Parkland must never happen again–there is no higher priority for us right now than school safety,” Smith said.


His opponent in this year’s primary election, Felicia Stoler was at the march in Asbury Park.  She did not state her stance on the wave of anti-gun protests across America, but said, “I think it is important to listen to the people…kids, teens, future voters, current voters…. I admire the passion, words & music they shared. As the kids said, legislators work for the people. If you want change, then exercise your right to vote!”

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Pictured (left to right): Victoria Varlack, Joshua Eiger, and Riya Prasad, all of Manalapan.