Jackson MUA: Commissioner is Township Resident

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JACKSON-The Jackson MUA said on Thursday that the authority has sufficient reason to believe one of its commissioners, Geneva Clayton does, in fact, reside in Jackson despite Clayton’s admission on a state tax document that she is a resident of the state of Florida.

Earlier this month, John Maneri, a candidate for mayor in Jackson Township questioned the legal residency status of the longtime GOP operative at the March 13th Jackson Township Council Meeting.

“There’s been a lot of talk on Facebook about Jackson MUA [commissioner] Geneva Clayton,” Maneri told the township council.  “I have copies from the Ocean County Clerk’s Office, one is a deed, that she has a permanent residence in Florida and the other is seller information on a property she used to own on  Burke Road and there’s all kinds of accusations on Facebook…maybe you can clear this up?”

At the March MUA commissioner’s meeting, Clayton refuted the accusation.

“I have been appointed by both Democrats and Republicans and I am a lifelong resident of Jackson and I will spend the remainder of my life in Jakson,” Clayton said.  “I will be buried here in Jackson.”

Clayton said the form in question was mailed to her husband in Florida, but she does not live in Florida.   MUA records verify Clayton’s near-perfect attendance at board meetings over the past few years.

“Mrs. Clayton has provided the MUA with proof of residence,” said MUA Director David Harpell. “The township has also requested clarification and it will be provided.”