Goldberg: Republicans in New Jersey Can Beat Menendez With Grassroots Effort

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Brian Goldberg is hoping New Jersey Republicans appreciate his years of support to the GOP and choose him to be the nominee to run against corrupt Senator Robert Menendez in the June primary election.

Goldberg submitted his petition to challenge GOP establishment candidate Bob Hugin.

Brian hopes he can turn the tide of blue that has been sweeping across New Jersey in recent decades.  He said he can do it by bringing out new GOP voters who typically don’t vote during non-Presidential election cycles.

“If we want to have a voice for New Jersey that’s heard in Washington, we need to get on board with the President’s agenda,” Goldberg stated. “But that can’t happen if we continue the current slump that we’ve been in, tied as we are to an unpopular past. So, I’ve made it my mission to grow the GOP with new voters, fresh faces, and a positive image of conservatism.We are no longer the Grand Old Party; we are the party of Growth, Opportunity, and Prosperity; the GOP of the future.”

Brian has been involved in New Jersey politics for nearly 20 years, and has continuously served on the Essex County Republican Committee since his initial election in 2004. He has consistently fought for conservative principles despite the unfavorable political makeup of his community, focusing on a positive message of “Empowerment, not Entitlement” to draw people in and give voters something to vote for, rather than just angrily fight against.

Goldberg said he is the only New Jersey Republican candidate for U.S. Senate that has actually been in the trenches of NJ political campaigns, working with and supporting candidates across the entire state at every level of the ballot, and he will continue to do so as the campaign will help spark conservative victories across all levels of government in New Jersey. In working to grow the NJ Republican Party, the campaign is also focused heavily on voter registration and spreading the conservative message on social media, reinvigorating support for the conservative agenda from all age groups and growing a long-term, sustainable political movement.

“This campaign is not going to be won with an ‘air war’. Whatever expensive media purchases we might make, Senator Menendez and the Democrats would surely match,” he said.  “We are going to win with a widespread team of grassroots ground troops, troops I can relate to having actually done the hard work of campaigning rather than just showing up at fundraisers for big names. A grassroots team pulling together in a party infrastructure rebuilt to last and, critically, be sustainable for the future.”