Valley Ridge Estates Seeks Variance to Build 12 Homes in Brookwoods Section of Jackson

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JACKSON-Valley Ridge Estates received an approval from the Jackson Township Planning Board to build 12 single family homes, asking for a variance to build on lots smaller than required by the zoning for the property.

The builder is asked to build the homes on 30,870 square foot lots where 43,560 is currently required and asking for relief on lot width and depth.  Currently, they are asking for a 10 foot width variance and 110 foot depth variance.

Below is the public notice published for the application, a hearing was held by the planning board.

“JACKSON TOWNSHIP PUBLIC NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that VALLEY RIDGE ESTATES, LLC has applied to the Jackson Township Planning Board for preliminary and final major subdivision approval of Lots 18 & 33 in Block 7001 consisting of 14.06 acres and located on Valley Road in the R-1 zoning district to create 12 single family building lots. The applicant will seek the following variances: Lot 18.02 (basin lot) – Minimum lot area of 30.,870 square feet is proposed where 43,560 sf is required; Lots 18.05 & 18.06 – Minimum Lot width of 140 feet is proposed where 150 feet is required; Lot 18.03 is seeking a lot depth variance of 90 feet where 200 feet is required; Lot 18.06 – Minimum lot depth of 175 feet is required where 200 feet is required; and Lot 16.12 – Minimum front yard setback as proposed Road A will create a variance as pools are not permitted in the front yard. Said application shall include a request for any and all other variances and waivers as may be required by submission and discussion of the plans. The aforesaid has been scheduled for a hearing before the Jackson Township Planning Board at the Municipal Building, Route 528, Jackson, New Jersey on Monday , March 19, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as possible. The application, maps and supporting documents are on file in the Jackson Township Planning Board in the municipal building and are available for public inspection during normal business hours for a period of 10 days prior to the date of hearing. ADAM PFEFFER, ESQ. LEVIN, SHEA & PFEFFER, PA Attorney for Applicant 2105 W. County Line Road Jackson, New Jersey 08527 (732) 364-7333 ($44.00)