Grossman Hoping Trump Supporters Back Him in June Republican Primary

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TRENTON-He’s not part of the New Jersey Republican establishment, that much is certain for congressional district 2 candidate Seth Grossman, but he feels he has the support of Jersey’s Trump Republicans to carry him to victory in the June primary election.

Seth Grossman, founder of Liberty and Prosperity, a social media page with about 7,000 or so Jersey residents who want to Make “New Jersey” Great Again was contemplating dropping out of one of America’s most coveted 2018 congressional races, but now said he’s all in.

Grossman issued a plea last month to all of the candidates to come together for the good of the Republican Party and decide on a candidate to face off against Democrat Jeff Van Drew.

It never happened.

“There will be a contested Republican primary for the next two months whether I drop out or not,” Grossman said.  “There are four other Republican candidates. None of them has any interest in dropping out to support someone else.”

The Republican establishment couldn’t decide who to endorse, with each of the county organizations endorsing their own candidates.  One thing the establishment Republicans did agree on was that not a single one of them nominated Grossman, who has a large social media following that tackles tough issues at all levels of government each day.

Grossman is running under the slogan of “Liberty & Prosperity MAGA Republican”.  While it may be an unpopular position in blue Jersey, it could lead him past the establishment candidates.   Afterall, 63.9% of Ocean County voted for Trump in 2016.  In Cape May County it was 57% and in Salem County it was 54.4% for Trump.

He admits it will be hard to win a primary election without the party endorsement, but he’s done it before.

“When I did it 30 years ago, I won a freeholder nomination by only a single vote,” he said.  “Republican freeholder John Risley is the only other person I know who did it in Atlantic County.”

Grossman may have the edge this year if he can identify himself to the Trump supporters who come out to vote in June.  While each county establishment organization backs their own candidates, Grossman could win the election on a united Trump supporter vote.

The Democrats are getting ready for a fight in November which they call “Red to Blue”, an effort to sweep the second, third and fourth congressional districts.  They are united behind most of their candidates, as are Republicans in the other two districts.  But in the second, it’s a free for all on the Republican side.

Grossman said if nothing else, his candidacy in the primary will serve to better prepare the mostly inexperienced pack of candidates in his district.


“Two of those four other candidates are smart, educated young men who are the future of our movement.  However, at this time they lack experience and knowledge of certain important issues,” Grossman said. “I have been a good sparring partner for them.   They both learned a lot from me and during the past six weeks.   I think they will learn more and become even better candidates if I stay in the race.”

He said the New Jersey Republican establishment is giving Trump supporters the respect they deserve.

“I believe many local Republican leaders are not giving us the respect we and our ideas deserve   If I win the June 5 Primary Election, we will get that respect,” he added. “If we do poorly, it is better to know we are weaker than we think so we can do things differently.”

In this year’s primary, the tables are turned for New Jersey’s independent conservatives.

“The June 5 Primary Election offers conservatives a unique opportunity to win. Usually, we are divided and the Establishment is united,” Grossman said. “In the past, conservative candidates in South Jersey only won 10% to 25% of the vote and were easily defeated by the Establishment candidate.   This year, there are five Establishment candidates, and I am the only MAGA conservative in the race.   With your help, we can get 35% to 40% of the vote and win.

Grossman said his platform is different from the other five candidates in the race, which is in line with the Trump presidency’s platform and goals.

  • Enforce Immigration Laws. Reduce Legal Immigration to Sustainable Levels.
  • Repeal Remaining Obamacare Mandates that Needlessly Drive Up Cost of Health Insurance.
  • Allow Americans to Protect Themselves. Allow Schools to do Everything Possible to Protect Our Children.
  • Help President Trump Do His Job. No More Fake Impeachment Charges, Obstruction, or “Resistance”.
  • Stop Funding Public Schools and Colleges that Teach Our Children to Hate Our Constitution and America’s Culture of “Unalienable Rights” and Individual Liberty.


Grossman said he will be hosting weekly campaign “kitchen cabinet” meetings every Saturday from 8:30 am to 9:15 am at the back room of the Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire Roads, by Parkway Exit 36, Northfield/Egg Harbor Township.