Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, Brick Police Ask Residents to Voluntarily Turn Over Firearms


BRICK-The Brick Township Police Department has opted into a program with the Ocean County Prosecutors Office and they are asking for residents to turn in their unwanted firearms.

“This is NOT a buyback ‘no questions asked’ event,” the department said in a Facebook post. “This is a collaborative effort being carried out by the Brick Township Police Department and the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office whose objective is to have safer communities.”

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Brick police said guns left lying around the home are a common source of tragedy.

“This Gun Turn-In event provides a way for citizens to dispose of unwanted firearms before a tragedy occurs,” the department continued. “A gun that is turned in can never be stolen in a burglary and used later in a violent crime, and it can never fall into the hands of a curious child and cause the death of that child, a friend, or some other innocent person.”

Guns brought to the event shall be carried unloaded and contained in a closed and fastened case, gun-box, securely tied package and locked in the trunk of your vehicle during transit to the event.

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