Toms River Budget Proposed with 0% Tax Increase to Residents


TOMS RIVER-The Republican members of the Toms River Township Council are celebrating a second consecutive year with no tax increase after introducing the 2018 budget to the community.

Residents will continue to pay 63.4 cents per $100 of assessed property value for another year, even though the total budget increased by 1%.

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Councilman George Whittman said the budget was the hard work of outgoing Chief Financial Officer Christine Manolio and her replacement, Sharon Smith.

For several years after Hurricane Sandy, Toms River has been reeling with lost ratables due to damaged and destroyed homes and businesses during the 2012 Superstorm.

Democrats in town capitalized on Hurricane Sandy losses by slamming tax increases needed as the township recovered and rebuilt itself in the aftermath.


Since 2014, the township has been able to keep the budget stable at $124 million.  Last year, Democrats gained three seats on the Toms River Council in an effort to control the municipal governing body.  Republicans still maintain the power in Toms River by a slim 5-4 margin.  Democrats also control the Toms River School District.

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