Congressman Smith Joined by Freeholder Joe Vicari Lobby to Ban Jersey Offshore Oil Drilling

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Congressman Chris Smith today was joined by Ocean County Freeholder Joseph Vicari at the signing of New Jersey’s STOP Offshore Oil and Gas Act event.
“Today, I spoke at the signing of the STOP Offshore Oil and Gas ACT by Gov. Murphy in Point Pleasant Beach. It is extraordinarily important legislation that bans oil and gas exploration, development and production in State waters—within three nautical miles from our coastline.

“It makes NJ offshore drilling now or into the future nearly impossible, as it not only prevents infrastructure to transport oil and gas through state waters but also prohibits land-based support facilities.

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“Our pristine beaches and marine ecosystem, along with our critical tourism and fishing industries, must never be exposed to oil spills and other catastrophic risks of offshore drilling.

“The people of New Jersey, the congressional delegation, the State Legislature and local public officials have seldom been as united in opposition to an issue as they are to offshore oil and gas drilling. This legislation is our best insurance policy to ensure that doesn’t happen now—or ever.”